”Det finns något som kallas lojalitet”

”Det finns något som kallas lojalitet”

Hon ger allt för sitt lag, vill alltid förbättra sig själv, tycker att svenskar är trevliga och har Aleksandar Sasa Djordjevic som basketförebild. Möt Akropols serbiska pointguard Jovana Ciric, som efter många år som proffs i olika länder kom till Sverige och Rinkeby inför förra säsongen. Varför hon stannade kvar även denna säsong? ”Det finns något som kallas lojalitet!”

(OBS att även om Jovanas svenska blir allt bättre, så är intervjun gjord på engelska, reds anm.)

Describe what basketball means to you…
– Basketball is my passion. It is my favourite sport. I enjoy practising and playing games equally.

This is your second season in Akropol – why did you choose to stay with the club?
– There is something called loyalty!

What are your personal ambitions for this season?
– My personal ambitions are related to the success of my team, Akropol.

How would you describe your strength as a player?
– My strengths as a player are that I am the best when it is the hardest, I try to help my teammates to perform the best they can, I am a team player. I have good drive, I can make a lot of assists and I play very good defence.

What would you like to improve?
– As a player, you can always improve to have better technique, better percentage of your shots, sharper passes, and I tend to do so.

How long have you been a professional basketball player?
– I’ve been professional basketball player since year of 2000, that means for last 15 years.

Which countries have you played in?
– I have played in Serbia for Partizan, Adriatic league (ex Yugoslavian republics), Cyprus, Greece, Czech Republic…

Who is your role model in life and as a player?
– My role models in life are my parents! My mother was basketball player and my father is playing tennis and had ITF best ranking of 38th on the world for seniors. They taught me and my sister Ivana all the values in life and thanks to them I am today the person that I am. My biggest support is my husband Milos who challenges me to be better every day. My role model as player is for sure Aleksandar Sasa Djordjevic.

Name the best player you have encountered (or played with).
– I’ve played with many good players! In Sweden I have to mention Nina Baresso with whom I built up my friendship on the court! I have to mention some names as well, Tanja Turanjanin, Jana Houdkova, Sarka Kucerova. Today, in Akropol, I am building new friendships on the court.

What is the status with your injury?
– I hope that I will recover soon. I have all the help from Metropolitan rehab and their great staff, especially Giorgos Mitsakis.

Name your best memory from a game.
– There have been so many good memories, winning baskets, that I can not point only one of them.

What is your impression of Sweden and Rinkeby?
– I am very happy in Sweden and I think people are very nice. Rinkeby is our home, with so nice family atmosphere. My friends live in my neighbourhood, I am happy to see them and their families every day.

How is the Swedish Basketligan in comparison with other leagues you´ve played in?
– Swedish Basketligan is developing really fast. It is well organized and people from Federation are doing really good job. We in Akropol are really happy and proud to be part of highest competition for women in Sweden.